The Birth Partner: Everything You Need To Know To Help A Woman Through Childbirth, Second Edition

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The Birth Partner is the definitive guide for preparing to help a woman through childbirth and the essential manual to have on hand during the event. This fully revised and updated edition includes information on techniques and devices for easing labor pain, epidural anesthesia and other types of medication, tests and treatments of the fetus and newborn, vaginal birth after cesarean, and much more.
The role of birth partner is a tough one. A birth partner may be expected to help a laboring woman make decisions and help her get through the pain and discomfort of childbirth. During this high-intensity time, the birth partner--whether father, partner, or friend--needs a book that can give thorough information for studying ahead of time, yet can be easily referenced in an emergency or for quick answers during labor and delivery. The Birth Partner fills both needs.

Penny Simkin, P.T. (Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn) has written a clear, informative guide that includes a thorough description of everything a birth partner can expect. For a quick brush-up, or for sudden emergency situations where a birth partner is thrust into the role unprepared, the book also provides vital information and emergency tips that are clearly marked on pages with darkened edges. Every section includes a description of a stage of labor or circumstance, a description of what the caregiver (doctor, nurse or midwife) might do, and suggestions about what the birth partner's role should be.

The different sections include preparing for the birth, helping labor begin (in certain situations this is necessary), early labor , the stages of labor, strategies for special situations, the medical side of childbirth, and ways to assist after the birth. Of special note is a clear chart describing various drugs, their desired effects and secondary reactions, and the stages of labor in which each of them may be appropriate.

Customer Reviews

You occasionally get more than you pay for..., July 31, 2000
By C. Walters

I have been involved with childbirth education and homebirth for twenty years, and am currently training to be a doula. I don't remember ever seeing one book with such complete and comprehensive information, written in an easy to understand and uncomplicated format. While my own orientation is towards birthing at home, this books covers all venues for birth, enabling a woman and her supporters to make the best birthing decisions for their family. The comments on what a mother will be feeling, both physically and emotionally, should unexpected issues arise is invaluable. The book also describes the use of all possible pain medications, including their possible side effects and when and how they are administered. Ms. Simkin's direction on how to be supportive in any situation will ensure that women whose support person has read her book will be much more productive and thus create a better outcome. I recommend it highly.

A need finally met, May 16, 2003
By Peggy Vincent "author and reader"

All the years I was an OB nurse, a childbirth teacher, and a midwife (memoir: BABY CATCHER, Scribner 2002), I bemoaned the fact that there was no comprehensive book available to those men and women who would soon be with a pregnant woman when she gave birth. Doh! I coulduv hadda V-8! Why didn't I write this book myself???
Anyway, thank goodness Penny Simpkin got around to it, and she's done a beautiful job. Her book is structured like a series of childbirth education classes with emphasis on the partner instead of on the laboring mom herself. She deals with the stages of labor, drugs, anesthesia, Cesareans, and emergencies in an easily-comprehended and logical format - discussing helping measures and their rationale at each step in the process.
As someone from within the system, I highly recommend this book.

The best resource for balanced information, June 18, 2000
By Jennifer R Wagnon

Childbirth books usually come in one of two forms-those that advocate an "institutional birth" and those that advocate a 100% natural birth. This book fits nicely between the two. It gives good, practical information on the pros and cons and nearly every procedure you can think of while neither judging nor condemning the use of such procedures. The best thing about it, however, is explaining to the birth partner how to help and support the birthing woman in the manner that she wishes. A must read for every person who intends to be a support person for a birthing woman.

The single best book I have read on the subject, bar none, January 24, 2005
By E. Heller

This book has been a huge help with preparing for the birth of our first child. From start to finish, there is almost no fluff or extraneous material. Penny outlines exactly what is happening at each point of labor and exactly what the birth partner can do to help. She also writes in clear, easy to understand language about complications and medicines, so you are prepared ahead of time, as a team, with how to deal with them.

I truly can't recommend this book highly enough.

The ultimate companion to the delivery room, December 29, 2000
By quildahowaloochicoochiwangahoochimongaboyaha

As a Dad that has read or browsed most all of the contemporary pregnancy books. This is undoubtably my favorite. It's simple, straight-forward, detailed, yet practical. Designed as a guide for doulas, partners, midwives, and all birthpartners this book is useful to experts and beginners alike. Not only is the information solid and thorough, the presentation is warm and confident. I have memorized the material and found it to be a profound help. Very easy to refer to in a pinch. Thanks Penny -- this is a classic.

The only book a husband/partner needs for the birth experience, February 17, 2006
By Jesse M. Morehouse

I did a lot of looking around for information on how to be something more than a useless appendage at our first childs birth. I eventually ordered this book from Amazon because of all the outstanding reviews. They were dead on. For a loving partner who wants to be an active participant in the birth of your child, this is by far the best and only reference you need. Midwives hold the author in the highest regard and the book is actually required reading in at least some midwifery programs. If you are going the hospital route, don't discount this book though, it is an excellent guide and easy read for any birth setting. I have now mailed my copy to multiple friends for their own first births and all have said that it was the best resource they had. Bottom line- you can't go wrong getting this book.

This is a must have for every COUPLE expecting...., June 22, 2000
By Nichole Hackney

Penny Simkin created a winner here. The Birth Partner is direct, unconfrontational and extremely helpful. I highly recommend it for the analysis of pain tolerance and quick reference sections. Would be a great help to a dad or any other labor support person who feels overwhelmed by the task. Pros and cons of each intervention and procedure are thoughtful and suscinct. The one book which should accompany you to the delivery room.

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