The Babycenter Essential Guide To Pregnancy And Birth: Expert Advice And Real-world Wisdom From The Top Pregnancy And Parenting Resource

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Millions of moms-to-be consult BabyCenter, the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting Web site, for the latest, most trustworthy advice. Now all that wisdom is gathered in one superlative guide.
Combining expert advice with real-world mom-to-mom wisdom, the people at BabyCenter have been communicating through the contemporary medium of the Internet with new and expectant moms--intimately, reassuringly, effectively--for more than 7 years. They have helped an estimated 15 million mothers negotiate the often strange and scary but always miraculous worlds of pregnancy and parenting. And now the editors have put together all of this accumulated knowledge, including brand-new information that is not on the Web site, in a book that will immediately be recognized as the standout in the field.

Here expectant moms will find:
o Insights into the amazing changes they experience
o Practical advice from leading pregnancy experts
o Hundreds of great tips from experienced moms
o Breathtakingly detailed fetal-development illustrations
o Answers to all questions they are too embarrassed to ask, don't think to ask, or don't know whom to ask

Featuring many of the popular elements that distinguish the BabyCenter Web site--such as Is It Safe? and Just for Dad, plus worksheets, charts, quizzes, checklists, and more--this superb guide will only solidify BabyCenter's reputation as the world's #1 resource on pregnancy and parenting.

Customer Reviews

EVERYTHING You wanted to know about pregnancy, June 24, 2005
By 1practicalgal

This book covers everything you could ever need to decide during your pregnancy. You can either read through week by week, or look for information on specific issues. There is a great reference section in the back of "is it safe" questions that help you know the risks of various foods and activities - now you don't have to wonder if sushi is safe, you can still color your hair, etc.

Other things I like:
* they have "babycenter buzz" with comments from real parents - they tell it like it really is. (even things you don't want to know)
* there is a lot of information for dads in this book. My dh and I can read the same information and decide on things together.
* cool pictures that show what your baby looks like during each month of growth and "revealing" pictures of a pregnant mom throughout her pregnancy - watch her grow with you.

Since i love the website and already get their weekly pregnancy newsletter, the quality of the book matched my expectations since everything they do is great. I like that I can take this with me and look things up easily without having to get on the computer all the time.

great book even for seasoned preggos!, September 7, 2005
By Momma Mimi

This is not my first pregnancy so I honestly felt that I knew it all and wouldn't benefit from a book about pregnancy--wrong! This is an informative and well-organized book that holds the interest of even this veteran preggo. I passed it along to one of my girlfriends who is pregnant with her first and she loves the book. It is a much better read than the old girlfriends guide or what to expect series--out with the old and in with the new!

Not just for Moms-to-Be, July 9, 2005
By G. Robb "gc_robb"

Even dads-to-be can get a lot out of this book! Very well written with great information that can be shared between mom and dad!

With everything from checklists of things to know to what is safe for mothers and forming children and what to ask the doctor this book is loaded with great information and insights into what is going on!

Make sure you visit as well to get the full experience of this one!

For the sake of your child, July 4, 2005
By F. Brown

As a huge fan of BabyCenter, I highly recommend this book. Many is the time that the editors at BabyCenter helped me and my wife as we struggled with new challenges in our baby's development. Their timely advice made two neurotic parents a little less so.

Easy to find Information, September 19, 2005
By Stephen Miroy "Wife of Stephen"

This is a great book for anyone who is pregnant or is planning to become pregnant. The information is up-to-date and easy to find in this large data jammed book. Even though my 'babies' are now teenagers, I still had questions about my pregnancies that had never been answered, but the answers were easy to find in this book. I had not had success in finding the answers before I read this guide. I wish this book had been around 17 years ago.

Very well organized and easy to read., August 13, 2005
By Rosie

Although I typically don't purchase many books, I bought this one used from because I couldn't find it at our library.

I've read numerous other books on pregnancy, and was starting to tire of the subject. However, I had a few outstanding questions that I noticed the description mentioned.

When the book arrived I knew I had made a good choice. It is extremely well-organized, so that you don't have to read the whole thing cover-to-cover, but rather can just check the index for whatever you're interested in (nausea, doulas, specific diagnostic tests, etc.) and flip go straight to your pages. I thought the info. on testing was particularly clear and straightforward.

The week-by-week information is the same as you will see on, but it is really helpful to have the additional information surrounding specific topics in book form.

This is a nice, easy to understand book to pass on to a friend once you are done with it (unless you can find it in YOUR library! :).

Practical advice - not scary stories, August 15, 2005
By B. Kim "koshkas"

I found myself skipping lots of the Everything to Expect book because it discusses lots of potential problems that, realistically, most women (including me) don't encounter. This book includes practical tips like using throwing up in the sink over the garbage disposal because it's easy to clean up and less unpleasant than the toilet.

The advice is quite practical since so much of it comes from real been-there-been-sick-with-that moms. The writing style and layout of the book are very accessible, even when you're tired and sick and your brain just isn't functioning all that well.

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